Blindline farms

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Blindline Farms

Located on the Southwest corner of Range Road 35 and Carstairs West Blindline Road (Twp. Rd. 30.3), the Bird family homestead looks west past Cremona to the Rocky Mountains and east across the farmland towards Carstairs.

Homesteaded in 1904 by Percy Bird, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and fifth generations currently reside in the original yard. Incorporated in 2008 and operating as Blindline Farms, Grant & Dorit, and Bruce & Sharon run a mixed operation of hay and grain production as well as a commercial cow/calf herd.

canola field near Blindline Farms


Hay & Straw Features

Large range of straight Timothy and Alfalfa mix small squares. Phone 403.816.0227 for details and bargin priced deals.

Large square Oat Straw

Large square Wheat Straw

Selection of Timothy and mixed round and large square bales - tarped or shedded.


blindline farms

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